Review: The Dance of Time (Belisarius book 6 of 6)

The Dance of Time (The Belisarius Series) - Eric Flint, David Drake

This book was a great end to a great series.  I read all six books in the series one after the other.  Since I don’t have a lot of spare time to read, this means I spent the past 52 days with these characters.  I’m going to miss them.  I almost don’t want to start my next book, because the characters I’ve grown attached to in this series won’t be there!

I was happy that we were given a few more answers about Link and Aide by the end of this book.  It would have been interesting to get more details, but I think we were given what we needed.  Although Link and Aide were the driving factors behind everything that was going on, they really weren’t the focus of the story so spending too much time on them might have hurt the pacing.  As it was, in the last couple of books I started to feel like there were so many characters and plot threads that we didn’t get to spend enough time with each of the sets of characters.  It wasn’t that I had trouble following the different plot threads, but rather that I just wanted to spend more time with each set of characters before moving on to the next group.  I guess it’s a sign of a good book when you want more of it rather than less.

This series has been very consistent in terms of quality.  I think, if somebody likes the first book, they can be pretty certain they’ll like the rest of the series.  Normally, when I approach the end of a series, I worry about whether or not I’ll be satisfied with the ending.  There’s nothing worse than reading a good series, investing all of that time and emotion into it, and then hating the way it ends.  Enjoying the journey is important, but I care about the destination too.  But I was never the least bit worried that I would hate the ending of this series.  As I mentioned in a previous review, even the individual books within the series were wrapped up well.  So, not surprisingly, I was happy with how all of the plot threads were tied up in this final book.  While I wouldn’t have minded more time with all of the characters, I was satisfied with the way the series ended.