Review: Fortune's Stroke (Belisarius book 4 of 6)

Fortune's Stroke  - Eric Flint, David Drake

Originally read May 8, 2014


Out of the four books in this series that I’ve read so far, I enjoyed this one the most. I enjoyed the previous three books a lot, but this one stood out more for me because Belisarius’ enemies finally presented him with some real challenges. This added more tension to the story and it caused some anxious page turns. As with the previous books, this book still told a fun story with humor and interesting characters.

In this series, there are usually several chapters throughout each book with alternate points of view to give us a chance to keep up with what’s happening in different parts of the world as related to the over-all story. (There may not have been much of that in the first book, from what I remember, but there definitely has been in the others.) In the previous books, I enjoyed those stories but I was also usually anxious to get back to the Belisarius chapters. In this fourth book, I found the non-Belisarius chapters to be almost as enjoyable as the Belisarius chapters.

I’m looking forward to book five.