Review: Destiny's Shield (Belisarius book 3 of 6)

Destiny's Shield  - Eric Flint, David Drake

Originally read May 3, 2014


This was yet another enjoyable book in the Belisarius series. I like how each book tells a complete story, with a sense of victory at the end, even while you know that the over-all story isn’t done yet. I really don’t have much to write by way of a review, because the same things I noted in my reviews of the previous two books are still true about this book – great humor, interesting plot, and surprisingly (for me) fun-to-read military strategizing.

I liked the turn that the plot took at the beginning of this book, and I liked the new allies that Belisarius found as a result. It does continue to stretch my credulity that Belisarius always finds himself surrounded by allies who are reasonable, like-minded men and who trust Belisarius and his decisions even when they don’t agree with them. Even when his allies disagree with a plan at first, they are quickly convinced by Belisarius’ unfailingly logical arguments or by his promises combined with his well-proven honor. I’d like to see Belisarius forced to work with an ally with whom he doesn’t he mesh as well -- somebody who isn’t a bumbling idiot, a jerk, or a doormat. The people Belisarius doesn’t mesh with usually end up being witless fools and/or evil people who Belisarius manipulates in order to further his own cause. The camaraderie is fun, but I’d like to see a little conflict too.

The science fiction element also progressed nicely in this book, although that aspect of the story was featured as sparingly as in previous books. Aide is really becoming an interesting character himself, which is quite a change from his sporadic and cryptic communication at the beginning of the series. I look forward to learning more about him.