Review: In the Heart of Darkness (Belisarius book 2 of 6)

In the Heart of Darkness - Eric Flint, David Drake

Originally read April 27, 2014


I enjoyed this second book in the Belisarius series as much as I had enjoyed the first one, and for pretty much the same reasons.  The characters were likeable (except the ones you weren’t supposed to like) and funny, and the story was interesting.

As with the first book, the characters are slightly over-the-top and without many shades of gray.  However, there were a couple missteps here and there on the part of the good guys, as opposed to the first book where everything always went exactly as planned.  I enjoyed that because it added a little more tension to the story.

The science fiction element is still mostly in the background story-wise, but we start to learn more about it in this book.  I look forward to seeing how that aspect of things will develop and be further explained as the series progresses.  This book tied up several major plot threads that had been woven throughout these first two books, so I also look forward to seeing what will happen in the next book.