Review: Dust (Silo book 3 of 3)

Dust - Hugh C. Howey

Originally read March 24, 2014


This was another great book – I enjoyed it almost as much as the first book in the series, Wool.  The story takes place after the events of the previous two books, and it moves events forward in an interesting way.  We finally get answers to all of our open questions, and the ending is mostly satisfying although I wouldn’t have minded if it were stretched out a little longer and with more details.


My biggest complaint with the second book was that I didn’t really care for any of the characters.  This third book had interesting characters again.  Some of those characters were the same ones from the previous book, but I liked them a bit better this time around.


There’s really a lot more that could be told about what happens after the events of this final story, so I hope perhaps Hugh Howey returns to it in the future.