Review: Shift Omnibus (Silo book 2 of 3)

Shift Omnibus Edition (Silo, #2) (Wool, #6-8) - Hugh Howey

Originally read March 14, 2014


I enjoyed this omnibus, and I was never bored by it, but it wasn’t as riveting as the previous book in the series, the Wool Omnibus. Shift answers most of the questions that were still hanging open at the end of Wool regarding the origins of the silos. And, in the same manner as Wool, the questions aren’t exactly answered in a linear fashion. I thought this helped keep things interesting and I enjoyed finding out the answers to my questions. I look forward to hopefully getting more answers in the next book in the series, Dust.


I think one reason I didn’t enjoy Shift quite as much as I had enjoyed Wool was because I didn’t like the characters in Shift that much. I can’t speak about the characters in too much detail without giving anything away that might spoil the fun of reading the book for the first time, but I will say that I found the characters to be rather weak. There weren’t any point-of-view characters who I thought had any real fire to them. They would take action when they were threatened or when they got angry enough, but they weren’t strong-minded people by nature and the actions they did take weren't always particularly intelligent.


One of the characters, in fact, seemed quite foolish to me. He was a sixteen-year-old boy, but his thought patterns made him seem as if he were no older than ten. He finds himself in a predicament with a simple and obvious solution, a solution which past experience should have made obvious, and a solution which he had plenty of time to arrive at.  It wasn’t a “heat of the moment” sort of thing where you don’t have time to think straight and may miss the obvious. But he never once came up with that obvious solution and I wanted to reach into my Kindle and give him a good shake!


Despite my frustration with the characters, I did care about them for the most part and I enjoyed the story a lot. I look forward to reading the next book to hopefully find out what happens next.