Review: Behemoth: Seppuku (Rifters book 4 of 4)

Behemoth: Seppuku - Peter Watts

Originally read January 24, 2014


Behemoth: Seppuku is the first sequel in this series that I enjoyed as much as the original Starfish.  I can’t put a finger on exactly what elevated this book over books two and three, but I found myself more invested in the story and I had trouble putting the book down.  When I did put it down, I often continued to think about the story off and on until I was able to pick it up again.  In fact, this morning I woke up half an hour before my alarm went off and started thinking about the book.  I ended up picking it up and reading it until it was officially time to wake up.  Usually, if I wake up early, I just go back to sleep!


As with the third book, there were very few passages of a primarily technical nature.  The book was more story and character-based, and I think it moved at a faster pace than the earlier books.  The ending was decent but not amazing.  It was what I would call a “hopeful” ending (with plenty of unhappiness mixed in), but it definitely didn’t wrap everything up.  I had a few unanswered questions after I’d finished it and there were some small threads that were left hanging.


I also wasn’t very happy with the return on my investment in reading the third book.  I don't want to risk elaborating on that comment, not even in spoiler tags, but I imagine anybody who’s read both books will understand what I mean.

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Overall, I would have liked a more extensive ending.  However, I have to admit it’s pretty rare for me to feel completely satisfied with an ending, especially if I like the story.  If I really liked a story, I almost always want more details before the story comes to an end.


Note: The author has made all the books in this series available for free under a Creative Commons License.  You can download them here:


The third and the fourth book in this series were originally intended to be published as a single book entitled Behemoth.  So, on the author's site, they are packaged together as a single book.