Review: Behemoth: B-Max (Rifters book 3 of 4)

Behemoth: β-Max (Rifters, #3) - Peter Watts

Originally read January 22, 2014


Compared to the previous book in this series, Maelstrom, this book had significantly fewer passages that focused primarily on technology and science. It was more character and story-driven and I thought it moved at a faster pace.


This story held my interest, but it never quite captured me like the first book in the series, Starfish.  Perhaps it’s because in Starfish the world and the characters were still new and interesting. The story in Starfish was good, but I think it was elevated by the uniqueness of the setting and the characters. By the time you read this third book, everything is familiar and so it doesn't feel as unique. Nevertheless, it's still an interesting story with interesting characters and I’m looking forward to reading the conclusion to the series.


Note: The author has made all the books in this series available for free under a Creative Commons License.  You can download them here:


The third and the fourth book in this series were originally intended to be published as a single book entitled Behemoth.  So, on the author's site, they are packaged together as a single book.