Review: Maelstrom (Rifters book 2 of 4)

Maelstrom  - Peter Watts

Originally read January 10, 2014


I thought Maelstrom started out very slow. It started off with a lot of the technical details that had made the previous book, Starfish, feel like an authentic story.  The problem was that these details weren't mixed in anywhere near as well as they were in Starfish.  In Starfish, the interesting story and compelling character building was always at the forefront.  In Maelstrom, sometimes that took a back seat to the technical details.  Additionally, the new characters introduced in Maelstrom didn’t grab me as much as the characters introduced in Starfish had.  I never felt any real investment in them.


However, somewhere around the 25% mark, the story did pick up. From that point, it easily held my attention until the end. Although I didn’t like this book as much as I liked Starfish, I did enjoy it.  I’ll definitely be reading the next book to find out what happens.


Note: The author has made all the books in this series available for free under a Creative Commons License.  You can download them here: