Review: The Great Secret

The Great Secret - L. Ron Hubbard, Bruce Boxleitner

Originally read December 22, 2013


This was an extremely short book containing four shorter stories that were written in the 1940’s by a classic pulp fiction writer.


I don’t usually get much satisfaction from short stories, although they’re ok for an occasional quick read. This collection wasn’t any different -- the stories just didn’t contain much substance. They were too short for any real character development, and each story provided little more than a snapshot of a key moment in a character’s life. I liked some of the stories better than others. The third story, The Beast, was my favorite. It had more character development and it felt more like a full story complete with an interesting ending.


I’ve had this collection on my Kindle for years. I think I probably got it from the Baen free library way back when. For such a quick read, it was worth reading if only for the historical perspective of seeing what was considered popular science fiction back in this era.  But I wouldn't seek out anything else written by the author.