Review: Old Nathan

Old Nathan - David Drake

Originally read November 30, 2013


This here were one uv the strangest fant’sy books I’ve ever read. Sort uv a country-western tale with a bit of magic. Now I ain’t much uv a fan uv thet country-western stuff, so I had some trouble gettin’ into the book et first. This is rilly more a collection uv five related stories thin one single story. The stories started off plum silly, what with the main plot uv the first one bein’ about a bullfight an’ all. But them characters, they stuck in my head they did. Most times I put down the book, I’d hear myself thinkin’ in their blasted dialect instead uv my own fer a while after. At first I thought it like to drive me mad, but after a while I decided it didn’t signify.


The stories, they got more entertainin’ as they went along. Or maybe I jes’ went mad and thought they did. I laughed myself silly et some uv the dialogue ‘tween the cunning man and his animals. Yes, you heard me right, dialogue between a man and animals. If that don’t jes’ take the cake!  This book were far better than I thought it'd be when I first started it, but I can’t say as I enjoyed it as much as other books I would give four stars so I went with three and a half. Iffen yer lookin’ for somethin’ unique, this book might be jes’ the thing.


(If you thought trying to read this review was really annoying, you might find this book annoying too. However, maybe not as annoying. The author did it way better than I did.)