Review: Silent Echo

Silent Echo - J.R. Rain

Originally read November 27, 2013


I have mixed feelings about this book. For one thing, it was pretty depressing. The main character is a former detective who is dying of cancer.  The story is written in the first-person perspective of this character who, despite the fact that he's near death, finds himself trying to solve one last mystery. It seemed to me like the vast majority of the book wasn’t really spent on the mystery itself but rather on the main character’s thoughts about his current physical condition, his life, his relationships, and his regrets. Things were occasionally lightened up a bit by humorous interactions with other characters.


This story felt to me like a very real portrayal of what might be going through somebody’s head in that situation. Sometimes, it felt a little too real. The book is quite short, but there was a lot of repetition of the character’s thoughts and observations which sometimes got tiresome. However, I felt like that repetition was done intentionally to reflect the state of the character’s mind.


While reading, I often found myself exhausted right along with the main character. I read this book in short spurts, because I just couldn’t stick with it for too long. One reason I enjoy reading is because it gives me a chance to escape from the mundane and experience something that I wouldn't normally expect to experience. With this book, however, I felt like I needed to escape from the book into real life!