Review: When the Devil Whistles

When the Devil Whistles - Rick Acker

Originally read November 11, 2013


I liked this book pretty well.  It was a quick, light read.  I haven’t read many legal thrillers, so I enjoyed reading something that was a little different from my usual genres.  The plot wasn’t particularly complex or thought-provoking, but it was interesting.


I liked the characters, but sometimes I was annoyed by the decisions they made.  Occasionally it felt like they made bad decisions just to increase the drama of the story rather than because their decisions made logical sense.  On the other hand, sometimes I feel the same way about people in real life, so I guess this wasn’t unrealistic.


Although this book seems to be classified as Christian fiction, don’t let that turn you off if you prefer to avoid religion-based books.  I noticed very little content that I would consider to be Christian-specific and I would never have considered it to be a Christian book if I hadn’t seen that it was tagged that way.  There is some discussion of morality, but concerns about morality are hardly limited to Christians.