Dormant Account

This account is dormant.


If you’re a potential new follower, I really appreciate your interest in my blog, but this account will be dormant indefinitely.


If you’re a current follower, and you stumbled across this post and are wondering how the heck you missed it, I backdated it by about 2 weeks.  Big fusses and melodramatic goodbyes are not my thing.  I chose not to delete my account because I thought it was terribly inconsiderate when others did that in the past.  Deleting your account strips away the likes and comments you’ve given to another people, and it leaves big, gaping holes in the message forum discussions you participated in.


There isn’t any single reason why I’ve chosen to leave BL, but it’s been a long time coming.  Last year, when the staff was ignoring us and the site was barely functional, I started putting more focus on other sites.  The end result is that I’ve become a little more invested in those other sites and a lot less invested in this one.  When your entertainment isn’t fun, it’s time to reassess how you’re spending your time. 


I posted a note at the top of my Follower Comparison and Boolean Shelf Search tools on October 1 with a three-month warning.  On January 1, 2018, or shortly thereafter, I will be taking them down.  I don’t think many people were using them anymore, and I pay a monthly fee to have them hosted on servers.


I wish everybody the very best!