Review: The Last Hero (Discworld Book 32 of 53ish)

The Last Hero - Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby

The Last Hero is the seventh book in the Rincewind subseries.  It’s actually an illustrated novel, the first one I’ve read.  It was only available as an illustrated version (unlike Eric which I read in a non-illustrated format), and I do think some of the illustrations were important to the story.  If nothing else, the ending might not make much sense without the corresponding picture.  The reader could probably guess what it showed if they’d been paying attention to the story, though.


The story itself is short, but cute.  Cohen and his horde of heroes are on a quest, and their heroic shenanigans might destroy the entire Discworld.  A variety of familiar characters get involved in trying to prevent this and, naturally, Rincewind gets dragged into things against his will.  Sort of.


I’m not a very visual person, so illustrations don’t usually do much for me.  Despite that, I still enjoyed the pictures in this book.  I particularly enjoyed seeing illustrations for the various characters I’ve read about over the past many books.  I can’t say too many of them actually looked the way I had pictured them in my mind, but they were still fun to see.  The Rincewind illustrations in particular were great.  The one on the cover is funny, but not very representative of the others.  The other Rincewind illustrations throughout the book all show him with this perpetual frown and a dejected look that made me laugh every time he showed up in a picture.


I don’t normally include pictures with my reviews but, seeing as how this is an illustrated novel, I thought it would be fun to show one of my favorite pictures in the book. :)