Review: Feet of Clay (Discworld Book 22 of 53ish)

Feet of Clay - Terry Pratchett

Feet of Clay is the third book in the Watch subseries of Discworld.  It’s also the Guards book that I’ve enjoyed the most so far.  In fact, it may even have given my previous favorite Discworld book, Wyrd Sisters, some competition.


I was worried at first that this book would rehash old ground with the “let’s get ourselves a puppet king” thing.  There’s a bit of that, and it’s an important aspect of the story, but it doesn’t overpower the story and it has a more amusing twist than in previous books.  In general, I thought this plot was one of the better ones.  Parts of it actually kept me guessing, and I was truly interested in finding out what would happen next as opposed to just sitting back, going along for the ride, and enjoying the humor like I normally do when I read these books. 


Character-wise, I enjoyed the mish-mash of characters and their different backgrounds and amusing perspectives.  I enjoyed the introduction of that in the second Watch book, and things got even livelier in this book.  Even Vimes seemed less annoying to me than he had in the previous books.  Also, his pocket organizer was hilarious.  This seemed like one of Pratchett's better ones in terms of humor.  The books are all funny, but this one had more parts that made me laugh out loud. 


I’m not sure many people would appreciate the corniness of this insult, but I loved this:  “… a ding-a-ling so big he’d been upgraded to a clang-a-lang”.