Review: Interesting Times (Discworld Book 20 of 53ish)

Interesting Times - Terry Pratchett

Interesting Times is from the Rincewind subseries of Discworld.  It’s been quite a few books since I’ve seen Rincewind, so it was fun to see him again.  He always makes me laugh. 


If you’ve read the earlier books, you may remember that Rincewind once had some adventures with Twoflower, a visitor from the Counterweight continent.  In this book Rincewind finds himself, quite against his will of course, dropping in on the Counterweight continent and getting caught up in a revolution. 


It was a lot of fun seeing Twoflower again, although we didn’t see as much of him as I would have liked.  Cohen the Barbarian, an elderly hero, also shows up in this book along with his “horde” which consists of a bunch of other elderly barbarian heroes plus a former school teacher.  I thought the horde was really funny.  The book alternates, for the most part, between the stuff happening with Rincewind and the stuff happening with the horde. 


There were some really funny parts in this book.  October is full of business travel for me, and I was sitting in a hotel room trying very hard to stifle my laughter while reading the section where Rincewind tries to read a story written with pictograms [urinating dog, urinating dog].  It just got funnier the longer it went on.  The story itself was ok.  I didn’t think it wasn’t anything special, but the humor made up for it.