Review: Troll Bridge (Discworld "Book" 19 of 53ish)

Troll Bridge - Terry Pratchett

Troll Bridge is a short story in the Discworld universe.  It can be read for free from here:

The story features Cohen the Barbarian, a character we met in previous books from the Rincewind subseries.  Cohen is a well-known hero in the Discworld, modeled off of Conan no doubt, who’s well past his prime.  Cohen remembers his father telling him as a child that, if he could defeat a troll in single combat, he could do anything.  He decides it’s time to cross that task off his bucket list, but naturally things don’t quite go quite the way he expected.

This one was pretty cute, although short.  I think it has a continuity error in terms of how cold affects trolls as compared to what we learned in Men at Arms, but I guess it depends on how you read the sentence.