Online New Follower Notifications Broken?

I may have missed or forgotten a bug report about this, and I know we’ve had this same problem in the past, but I just noticed that online notifications for new followers don’t seem to be working.  Somebody just followed me and I received the e-mail notification, but I never received an online notification. I'm still getting other online notifications (likes and comments).


Since a lot of people don’t choose to get the e-mail notifications, some of you may have new followers that you aren’t aware of.  That's the main reason I'm posting about it, especially since we seem to have a small influx of new members.  I'll mention it on the Bug Reports thread also, so hopefully BL staff will see it and fix it whenever they decide to visit us again. 


This would probably be a good time to remind (or inform) people about the Follower Comparison Tool, which may help you catch followers you weren’t aware of.  The original blog post is here