Review: Morning Star (Red Rising Book 3 of 3)

Morning Star - Pierce Brown

This is the final book in the Red Rising trilogy.  This trilogy wouldn’t end up on any of my “favorites” lists, if I kept such lists, but I did like each subsequent book better than I had liked the one before.  This book held my attention better than the previous book and much better than the first book.

I do think the series got rather repetitive, especially in the last two books.  There’s a pattern to the events and I felt like this made the story feel more predictable and at times a bit tedious.  Despite that, there were some really great moments and those were the moments that kept me reading through to the end.  The author does well with writing about friendships and teamwork and loyalty.  There were some good themes here, and our characters learned some worthwhile lessons, although sometimes it seemed like they had to “learn” them a few times before they sunk in.

The ending was more or less what I expected, and I wasn’t disappointed with it, but I do wish some of the repetition throughout the story had been trimmed out and the events in the last chapter and beyond had been fleshed out in more detail.