Review: Wyrd Sisters (Discworld Book 6 of 53ish)

Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett

Prithee don’t be alarumed by any strange words in this review.  This book has divers archaic, fake, and misused words e-printed within.  It may take me a while to throw off its influence and resume speaking proper, modern English again.  But did I enjoy the book?  Marry, this is the first Discworld book to earn a four-star rating from me without any roundupment involved.

Ok, all ridiculousness aside, I really did enjoy this.  I was a little concerned at first that the story would be boring and generic, especially since I thought the previous book in the Witches subseries had a generic story.  Wyrd Sisters did start off with a common epic fantasy trope – the king is murdered and his baby is whisked away to safety by a loyal subject to presumably resurface and take his rightful place on the throne when he’s old enough.  Fortunately, this premise was just the backdrop for a story that was fairly unique.

The story held my interest and had some fun twists, although I saw the ending coming since it was telegraphed pretty early.  There was quite a bit of wordplay.  The dictionary on my Kindle was getting a workout at first while I mentally muttered things like, “No, surely that word isn’t supposed to be used like that!” and “What?  That’s not a word is it?”  

It was really the characters that made this book so much fun to read, though.  The two older witches in particular were hilarious.  I did occasionally get tired of their bickering, though.  The part where the witches were watching their first play had me in stitches.  The “wood gathering” part had a similar effect.  The Fool was also a really funny character and I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of him.  

I’m looking forward to reading more of the Witches books when I get to them.  I’m going to take another Discworld break for now, though.  This seems like a good spot for it because the next two books on my list are starter novels for two more subseries: Pyramids from the Ancient Civilizations subseries followed by Guards! Guards! from the Watch subseries