The Cat!

Many of you have posted pictures of your pets, and I always love seeing them!  I want to see more of them, in fact. :)  I’ve wanted to post pictures of my cat for a while now, but I didn’t have all the pictures in an accessible place so first I had to get around to retrieving them.


Today is his second birthday, so it seemed like an appropriate day to finally give him some limelight.  He’s a Russian Blue, and his name is Ernest, because of the earnest little expressions he sometimes has.  I’m a terrible picture taker, and most of these pictures were taken with my cell phone, so the quality probably will not dazzle you. :)


The first picture is one of my favorite pictures from his kittenhood.  He was about 3 months old, and I’d only had him for a day or two.  He was standing on top of the Computer Networking book I was reading for a university class.  His expression seems say, “Seriously?  This is how you spend your time?  It doesn’t even make any sense!”


He loves heights and you really never know where you’ll find him. 


Sometimes it’s in a normal place.               Other times, not so much.



But he’s usually willing to come down to earth eventually to hang out in his favorite human’s lap.  (Since I’m his only human, this doesn’t count for as much as you might think.)


This is why I like a Kindle model that allows for comfortable, one-handed reading.  One hand for the cat, one hand for the Kindle! 


But don’t let his sweet expressions fool you.  I think he might be possessed!


But back to the heights thing.  When I bring a new object into the home his first question is, “Can I climb it?”


I don’t have a picture of it, but the first time I changed the air vents in my attic when he was still a kitten, he had nearly climbed the ladder all the way up into my attic before I noticed what he was doing.  Now I have to shut him up whenever I need to go into the attic.


He might not be an entirely normal cat, but he definitely doesn't lack personality!  Nearly every night while I’m taking my shower, he jumps on top of my bathroom door and stares at me over my shower door.  He gives new meaning to the term “peeping tom”.