Review: The Tyrant's Law (The Dagger and the Coin Book 3 of 5)

The Tyrant's Law - Daniel Abraham

This series is in full swing now, and the way this book ended is a great example of why I prefer to read a series after it’s fully published.  I would have gone nuts at the end of this book if the fourth book hadn’t been available.  Then, by the time it was released, I would have lost the degree of investment in the story that makes me want to go start the fourth book immediately instead of pausing to type up this review.

As with the second book, I enjoyed all of the points-of-view pretty much equally.  There was one point-of-view story that was a little less interesting throughout the middle of the book, but only because there wasn’t much going on from that side.  However, the author also wrote considerably fewer chapters from that point-of-view, so they never became tiresome when they did show up.

In my Kindle edition of this book, just like with the first book, the Entr’acte that should have gone after the last chapter got stuffed in the middle of the “extras” after the end of the book.  I really wish the publisher would have been more careful about the placement of these.  There was a lot of important and interesting information revealed and I’m sure there are people who missed out on it.  This one in particular answered a lot of questions about what happened in the distant past.

I can’t type any more now, because I have to go start the fourth book. ;)