Review: Clan Daughter (Queen of the Orcs Book 2 of 3)

Clan Daughter - Morgan Howell

This book continued the story in the way I expected based on the way the first book ended.  I’m still enjoying the story, but I thought this book got seriously bogged down in the middle with too much romantic obsession.  The romance itself isn’t so bad; it’s believable and a bit touching.  What frustrated me was the way it took over the main character’s thoughts, becoming a monotonous and repetitively angsty obsession.  There’s also a bit of a love triangle going on which certainly didn’t improve matters.  Because of this, I found this book much easier to put down than the first book and harder to pick back up.

Eventually the romance took a back seat again and we got back to the meat of the story.  I enjoyed the story itself a great deal.  Events progressed quickly and there were things that happened at the end of this book that I hadn’t expected to see addressed until the final book.  The ending made it clear that there’s still more story to tell, though, and it left me curious to see what would happen next.  I plan to start the final book today.