The World's Longest Profile

In a recent blog post by Bookstooge, some of us were discussing how difficult it can be to remember all of the basic details about the people we follow when we’re following a lot of people. Some of it slowly starts to sink in as we get to know each other better, but it’s easy to get things mixed up when we're reading so many posts from so many different people.


Some people, such as RedTHaws Reads Randomly, have a link to a profile post in their blog sidebars. When I’m trying to remember something I think I should know about somebody, I often click to people’s blog and look for a profile sidebar like that. I really appreciate them when they’re there, but I’ve never before taken the time to write my own. Today I have decided to remedy that.


I would love to see more people do these, no matter whether it’s a short-and-sweet bullet-point list or a monstrous tome like mine. Please do keep social network safety in mind when deciding what to post!


Here's a direct link to the profile I added to my blog: My Profile.  Be warned that it's long!  There isn't too much new here that I haven't posted elsewhere at one point or another, but now it's all in one place so you can reference it, study it, and memorize it. :)