Review: Two Hearts (Sequel to The Last Unicorn)

Two Hearts - Peter S. Beagle

Two Hearts is a 36-page story that follows up on the novel The Last Unicorn. I had just finished reading The Last Unicorn last night and I liked it ok but wasn’t really wowed by it and I had trouble getting into the story at first. This short story, on the other hand, drew me in right away and I really enjoyed it.


The story takes places many years after the events of The Last Unicorn and is told from the perspective of a nine-year-old girl named Sooz whose village is being terrorized by a griffin. After the griffin takes her best friend, Sooz takes matters into her own hands and sets off to go ask the king of their lands for help.


It’s kind of a sad story in many ways, but it has some humor too. It probably won’t stick with me for a long time, simply because short stories rarely do. The time I spend focused on a short story is so short that it’s just hard for them to make a lasting impression no matter how much I like them. But I really enjoyed it while I was reading it and I’m glad I took the time to read it.


The story is available for free on the author’s web site here: