Review: The Devil and Dan Cooley (Devil's Point Book 2 of 3)

The Devil and Dan Cooley - Holly Lisle

I’d had mixed feelings about the previous book in this series, Sympathy for the Devil.  It was well-written and funny, but much more romance-y than I normally like to read.  As a quick re-cap, the main premise of this series is that God has authorized a certain number of demons to roam free in North Carolina, interacting with the humans there with various stipulations.  If the demons repent they will be permitted to go to Heaven, but naturally they’re more interested in using the opportunity to win more souls for Hell.  

This book tells a completely separate story from the first book, with the same setting but with different characters.  North Carolina is going downhill because the humans are either moving out of the state or, because nobody wants to buy their property, they’re stuck in North Carolina and struggling financially.  A few humans are trying to turn things around by putting effort into reforming the demons.  The story begins when a radio DJ encounters a demon fleeing from a mob of humans, rescues it before he realizes it’s a demon, and then decides to try to help it reform.  He uses his influence as a DJ to try to get other people involved.

Like the first book, I had mixed feelings about this book.  Those mixed feelings were for different reasons, though.  This book was nowhere near as romance-y, so I felt like there was more meat to the plot.  However, throughout most of the book the story seemed pretty straight-forward and I was a little annoyed about things that seemed unrealistic to me.  (Unrealistic within the context of the unrealistic premise, of course!)  Toward the end there was a twist that made things fit my expectations much better.  So the book was interesting in the beginning when the story was being set up, then it was annoying in the middle when it seemed unrealistic, and then it became more interesting again toward the end.  I thought the ending wrapped things up a little too quickly and neatly but, like the previous book, it was a complete story that didn’t leave any cliff hangers.

The books in this series are all pretty short at around 240 pages apiece, and there’s only one more book in this series so I’m going to go ahead and read it.