Ever feel like you’re missing posts and you don’t know why?

Once in a while, I browse through the Explore page to look for interesting posts from people I might want to follow. While doing this, sometimes I see posts from people I do follow that I know I never saw on my dashboard. When I go back to my dashboard to look for them, they are in fact there. How did I miss them? I methodically read every post on my dashboard.


As a result of recent posts in the Bug Reports section of the official BookLikes group, I now realize this is probably a result of people using the Drafts feature. I’ve never saved a Draft before because I compose my posts offline, so I didn’t realize it behaved this way. If you save a post as a draft, it populates the date/time with the current date/time when you saved it. Now your date/time is no longer set to “now”. If you never change that date/time before you publish your post, it will be published under the date/time when you originally saved your draft because that’s what’s specified in the date/time fields.  This may be long before the time you actually published your post, and it will cause it to show up further down on people's dashboards.  If they had refreshed their dashboard since then to read new posts, they may never see yours because it will show up amongst other posts they've already read.


So this is a public service announcement for anybody who uses the Drafts feature and who may not have noticed this behavior. Make sure to change the date/time to a current or future date/time before you click “Publish”. (If you aren’t saving your post as a Draft, it isn’t an issue.)  I hated learning that I’m missing some posts because of this. If I’m following you, I want to see what you have to say.