So this is what a bandwagon looks like...

Ok, I’m a little late, but I’ve enjoyed reading the other posts like this and it looked like fun. I think this is actually the first non-review I’ve ever posted on my blog.


1. Are you named after anyone?

Not by my first name. My middle name has been used in the family for at least a few generations.


2. When was the last time you cried?

Hmm… I can’t think of any recent tears inspired by real life. However, I do empathize with fictional characters easily so odds are that I’ve at least gotten teary-eyed within the last couple of days while reading or watching something. The last specific instance I remember was a few weeks ago, when I watched the last episode of the TV series Merlin.


3. Do you have kids?

No kids. I’m a bit of a loner, actually, and I really value my independence. You know how people go somewhere on vacation and say “it was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there”? That’s how I feel about people. :) I like people well enough, and I enjoy spending time with friends, but at the end of the day what I really crave is my quiet home and my privacy.


4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

That depends. What other person would I be? If I was a different person, what would my personality be? How old would I be? What would my interests be? My background? Would I ever even meet myself? Would I see myself often enough to get to know me? The answer would depend on all those things and more.


To answer the question in the spirit it was probably intended… if I was another person with a similar personality to my current personality, and if I had the chance to get to know myself, then we would be great friends.


5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

I don’t know what that is.


Seriously, I use it all the time in real life and/or with people I know well. With random strangers online, I use it more sparingly because it doesn’t always translate well.


6. Will you ever bungee-jump?

I don’t know. It’s not something I would go out of my way to do, but I do enjoy a good adrenaline rush. If I ran across a reputable company with a good safety record that was offering bungee-jumping, and if I had the time and opportunity, I would most likely try it. I love roller coasters, and I had lots of fun zip lining through the mountains at Whistler during a ski trip a few years back.


7. What’s your favorite cereal?

I’ve loved Fruity Pebbles ever since I was a kid. I still buy it as a treat once in a great while.


8. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Hmmm… their attitude maybe? That’s the first thing that makes a lasting impression anyway, especially if this question refers to people I’m meeting for the first time. I’m ridiculously bad at recognizing faces, and there’s a good chance I won’t recognize somebody by sight the second (or third or fourth) time I see them. Also, unless they’re wearing something extremely garish, I most likely won’t ever notice a single thing they wear. Ever.


I’m much more likely to remember my impression of a person’s attitude, whether good or bad. There’s also a good chance I’ll remember the conversation itself in great detail, unless it was just meaningless small talk in which case I’ll remember nothing.


9. What is your eye colour?

Blue-gray, I guess. If I’m wearing blue, my eyes look dark blue. Otherwise, they usually look more grey. On rare occasions, when I’m wearing blue, people who have known me for a long time will do a double take and inform me that my eyes are “really blue”. I was also once asked if I wore colored contact lenses.


10. Scary movie or happy endings?

This doesn’t seem like a mutually-exclusive choice. I like scary movies well enough, but I don’t watch many movies to begin with. With all types of stories (movies, tv shows, books, etc.), I much prefer happy endings to sad endings. Ambiguous endings usually, but not always, annoy me. My problem is that I also like realistic endings, and sometimes it isn’t possible to have both a happy and a realistic ending.


11. Favorite smells?

My favorite smells are things that don’t smell bad? I guess I’m just not an aroma connoisseur because I can’t even begin to come up with a real answer to this question.


12. Summer or winter?

It depends. I’m more comfortable in warmer temperatures, but I lived in Ohio for 17 years and I enjoyed winter because it meant skiing, sledding, and various other snowy shenanigans. Now I live in Atlanta and winter is pretty much meaningless unless I travel to another state. If we do get a little snow, my 9 mile commute can take 5 hours. (That’s not an exaggeration -- it happened.) My normal commute is always a little better when school’s out too, so these days I prefer the summer both for the warmer temperatures and the improved commute.  


13. Computer or television?

Definitely the computer. Between my career, school, and entertainment, I practically breathe through the keyboard. Besides, these days you can watch TV on your computer if you want to.


14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

My home is in the U.S. and I’ve taken several business trips to Europe. I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, but Poland was the country that was the furthest away.


15. Do you have any special talents?

Writing really long answers to simple questions and topics.


Putting way more thought into random things than what they deserve.


I also have the ability to exist in a different space-time continuum from other people. I’ve decided this is true because I somehow finish tasks way faster than anybody else, even when I feel like I was slow, and my reaction times tend to be faster. I also walk faster. At the end of the day at work, when I get off an elevator with random other people, I walk to the exit (maybe 100+ feet from the elevator) and then pause to hold open the door. But usually there’s nobody even remotely close enough to hold it for because I’ve somehow left everybody from my elevator in the dust. This happens even when I feel like I’m walking at a relaxed pace and it’s a great mystery to me. I’m only 5’ 3”, so my legs aren’t particularly long.


16. Where were you born?



17. What are your hobbies?

Well, I’ve been known to read a book on occasion. :) I’m also slowly taking classes to earn my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science late in life (I’m 39) since I didn’t do it when I was younger. I’m already working in my chosen field, though, primarily thanks to the things I learned in my earlier classes.


When I’m in school, I barely have any spare time (or energy!) after work and school. Right now I’m on a longer break from school so I’ve enjoyed having more time to read, but I need to start using some of my spare time to enjoy more active pursuits again. I used to love hiking, rollerblading, and skiing, but I’ve barely done any of that over the past 4 years.


18. Do you have any pets?

I have a one-year-old Russian Blue psycho-cat. He’s a sweetheart, but very mischievous. Fortunately, he’s only mischievous when he has an audience so he doesn’t get into much trouble when I’m at work. He saves it all for when I get home!


19. Favorite movie?

Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t watch many movies. I don’t watch a ton of TV either, but I prefer to watch TV series versus movies. I like something more long-lasting that I can sink my teeth into.


If I had to pick a favorite movie, I guess I would pick one of the Lord of the Rings movies although I’m not sure which one. I also like all the Star Trek movies (yes, even the odd-numbered ones), but I wouldn’t have enjoyed them half as much if not for my love of the TV shows.


20. Do you have any siblings?



21. What do you want to be when you grow up?

The oldest person who ever lived, as long as I don't lose my marbles and I can retain a reasonable amount of mobility.