Review: Isle of Man (Park Service Trilogy Book 2 of 3)

Isle of Man - Ryan Winfield

This second book in the Park Service Trilogy picks up where the first book left off.  The main character, Aubrey, is pursuing the obvious course of action that one would have expected at the end of the first book.  However, that objective proves not to be nearly as straight-forward as it initially seemed.  

I enjoyed this book’s plot more than the first one, mainly because it seemed less derivative.  I wasn’t constantly drawing parallels between the story I was reading and other stories I was familiar with.  Another thing I enjoyed about it was that there were several twists.  I guessed some of them from the beginning, but there were others that caught me completely by surprise.  I’m still feeling somewhat traumatized by one of the twists near the end!  In retrospect, I probably should have seen it coming because there were definitely clues.

As before, the story is told from the first-person perspective of Aubrey.  His best friend Jimmy is still with him as well, and their friendship is one of the other things that makes this series so enjoyable.  It’s hard to say much about the other characters that show up in the book without spoiling anything.

This second book didn’t exactly end on a cliff hanger, but the main objective of the book is not resolved by the end and there’s great uncertainty about what will happen next.  I’m looking forward to finishing up the trilogy.