Partial Review: Empire from the Ashes (Book 2 of 3 Read in Omnibus)

Empire From the Ashes - David Weber

I just finished the second book in this three-book omnibus. In the first book, there had been a looming alien threat that was mentioned but not seen. In the second book, this alien threat finally materialized.


The first half of the book dealt with the main characters preparing to defend Earth from the enemy, and this part really dragged for me. I currently have very little spare time because I’m taking a time-consuming university class and because I’ve been traveling for business. During times like this, sometimes I have a hard time telling if a book is dragging because I just don’t have the time and energy to appreciate it, or if I would feel the same even if I had all the spare time in the world.


In any case, I kept plugging my way through, and things got much more interesting in the second half after the enemy engaged Earth’s defenders for the first time. I was also happy that we got to know more about the aliens and what drove them to behave the way they did. There were brief sections that took place from the perspectives of some of the alien characters which I enjoyed. I don’t care for the aliens-threaten-Earth stories where the alien is just some evil menace that we never learn anything about.


If I were to rate the omnibus based only on the two books I’ve read so far, I would probably give it 3.5 stars. Since the first two books only represent about 54% of the omnibus, I expect to finish the third book in about a year at my current pace. :)