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My Location

I live in the U.S., in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I’ve been here a few years now, but I grew up in Virginia. I also lived in Ohio for a large portion of my adult life.


My Age

I was born in 1975.


My official title is “Lead Analyst”. Most of my time is spent writing new program modules, debugging and modifying existing program modules, and developing reports. I also provide a lot of internal training on our report-writing tools. I travel semi-frequently to support projects. My business travels have taken me to awesome places like England, France, Germany, and Poland, but most of my travels over the last couple of years have been to less-interesting places here in the U.S.


Reading Interests           

The vast majority of what I read is Science fiction and Fantasy. I also enjoy the occasional horror, thriller, and mystery novels. I normally prefer twisty versus straight-forward and I prefer dark and gritty versus light and fluffy, but sometimes I surprise myself by what I enjoy. I’m also a little contradictory because, in spite of the fact that I like gritty, I also really prefer happy endings as long as they’re realistic and ring true with the story up to that point.


I don’t care for the romance genre and I may occasionally express some pretty strong opinions about it, but this doesn’t mean I don’t respect people who do enjoy that genre. We all like what we like and, if we all saw everything the same way, these types of sites would be really boring.


TV and Movies

I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I’ve enjoyed the Star Trek movies, the Lord of the Rings movies, and the Hobbit movies. If you ask me about any other movie, odds are good that I haven’t seen it and I may not have even heard of it.


I have watched several TV shows, although I usually stick with one show at a time and I can go many months without even turning on the TV. Stargate SG-1 is my all-time favorite TV show and I also really enjoyed Stargate Atlantis. I’ve enjoyed all the incarnations of Star Trek. Other shows that I particularly enjoyed were Farscape, Firefly, and Merlin.


Family and Pets

I’m not married and I don’t have any children. I’m kind of a loner. I’m not completely anti-social -- I enjoy being around people, but I don’t want to live with them, and I’m perfectly comfortable going off and doing my own thing. I value my independence and privacy above all else.


I do have a Russian Blue cat who is very sweet (well, he’s sweet about 80% of the time) and who has lots of personality. He also loves heights. I never know where I’ll find him next: on top of the kitchen cabinets, balancing along the top of a door, or pretending to be an ornament on the fireplace mantle. One time when he was still a kitten, I was taking a shower when I suddenly heard this loud *BANG* against my shower’s glass door. Remember, I live alone. After I finished jumping sky high, I turned toward the door and saw my little kitten clinging to the top of the door with his front paws, with his head hanging over the door staring at me.


Real Name and Pictures / Online History

I don’t use my real name or post pictures of myself online. I try to portray myself honestly and accurately, but I also don’t want to give out info that would make it too easy for somebody to identify or impersonate me in real life. I’m one of those throwbacks who believe it’s best to maintain anonymity online and I’m still somewhat dumbfounded by just how common it’s become for people to use their real names online instead of handles.


I first started interacting with people online when I was 10, back in the mid-80’s. One thing that was carefully instilled in me from the beginning was the importance of remaining anonymous and not giving out personally-identifying information. That lesson has stuck with me, reinforced by various crazy people I’ve encountered and the horror stories I’ve seen over the years. It’s easy to get caught up in conversations and information exchanges, and sometimes I’ve probably revealed more information than I should, but I at least try to be careful about the obvious things. Even on a friendly environment like this one, you never know what nefarious people are scouring social networking sites in search of people who are oversharing.


BookLikes Interaction – What to Expect from Me

I don't click the “like” button on every post I see. The fact that I’m following you should be interpreted as a general “like” of your blog. I wouldn’t be following you if I weren’t interested in you. I just feel like the “likes” don’t have much meaning if I hit the “like” button on every post, so I save them for the posts that are of particular interest to me. If you get a “like” from me, it means much more than “I saw your post and maybe I even read it”. You should feel special and treasure them. Maybe even frame them. :)


I try to comment whenever I have something to say, but I don’t often feel like I have something to say so I don’t really comment all that much. On a normal day, I might comment on one or two posts out of all the new posts on my feed. On the other hand, when I do think I have something to say, I tend to have a lot to say. As this post demonstrates, I can be excessively wordy! If you see a multi-paragraph comment from me on one of your blog posts, don’t freak out, this is normal. :)


More than anything, I love getting comments on my own posts. I especially enjoy discussing a book with somebody else who has read it, because I rarely get that pleasure in real life. None of my real-life friends and family enjoy the same types of books I do.  All comments are welcome and appreciated, whether you agree with me or not -- as long as you can agree with the basic idea that we should all respect each other’s opinions even when we disagree with them, and even when we can’t understand them.